The Life Machine

"Life Machine" the garment read,

she slipped it on beneath her coat,

she couldn't tell which mattered more:

the image she carried, or the words she wrote.

Inside the farce of passing time,

a business man consults his watch,

he obeys the hands that twitch and tick,

and tightens his belt another notch.

A lovers' quarrel, a twisted knot,

where promises and lies run deep,

both prisoners to each passing thought,

yet hoping happiness will keep.

A spiritual sage, enlightened source,

helping those lost to find their course,

speaks of surrender, of freedom from fear,

then peddles their book on how to "be here."

The angry crowd, an emboldened throng,

self-made gods of right and wrong,

resistance-- their cause,

a web they have spun,

entangles their purpose,

until they have none.

Each story told, each path traversed,

the truest love can't be rehearsed,

this life machine, it rolls and spins,

and everyone's cursed,

and everyone wins.