HABIT (2014) 

Choreography: Sarah Hammond

Performers: Dominic Prud'Homme, Brittney McClellan, Carlos Jimenez, Jordin Dudas, Jessica Baker, Lacey Baroch, & Walter Apps

Trailer Music: Lotus Flower by Radiohead

This was a piece I created my junior year at Point Park. It explores the intricacies of social group and relationship dynamics and their affect on the human psyche. The piece was selected to perform at the 2015 American College Dance Association conference. 

NOW WHAT? (2019)


Sarah Hammond & Laetitia Kohler

Trailer Music: Blind Spots by Dan Romer

Video Footage: Michael Zimberov, Edited by: Sarah Hammond

Special Thanks to Galina Gladkova Hoffman for her support

This is the premiere work of KoHalition Dance- a project Sarah co-founded in Spring 2019 with Laetitia Kohler. The piece follows two young individuals as they navigate their past and present realities; it explores questions about youth and attempts to distill the qualities of frustration, nostalgia, confusion & urgency found therein. 


Choreography/Concept: Sarah Hammond

Performers: Alessia Ruffolo & PJ Roduta

Trailer Music: Feral by Radiohead

This piece was my senior project at Point Park. It was a study in personal awareness and posed a theoretical scenario in which individuals were pulled from their habitual environments and dropped into a foreign, new reality. In this case the individuals were a dancer and a musician, adopting each other's mediums, and helping one another to adapt.