-Eckhart Tolle

Life is the dancer 

 and you are the dance


Creativity is, at it's core, the work of problem solving... or perhaps more precisely, the work of problem-deconstructing, -reconfiguring... -reimagining. What an artist does with creativity, an innate human ability, is use the creative process to build (or rebuild) something which reflects humanity back to itself. 

Art is the work of the human spirit. It is that manic, almost frustrated, impulse of wanting to share a feeling. It is the profound, silent understanding between bodies in contact. It is bitter as a lonely thought, sweet as a shared moment, laughable as an awkward memory. It is everything at play right here and now.

The essence of the art I make and what moves me is the infinite usability of life as material- as an inexhaustible medium for creation. When I'm creating I ask myself, "How can I break something apart to make something new? How can I form or realize a new connection? What else can I find and ask?"

I find this way of questioning and being in the world is crucial to making art and to staying engaged and present. The creative process is, to me, the most important and gratifying part of any pursuit; it is a playground where mistakes, connections and revelations are made, lessons learned, and where an artist is most in touch with the divine energy fueling their creative voice.

I'm interested by art that is about the process rather than the end result- about asking the right questions rather than giving the right answers. My work plays with the electricity and ephemerality of what it is to be alive.